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Who are we

Who are we

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De Fractie

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Glasup puzzle

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Our services

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The Team

Code king
Matthias is systems architect, software developer and code specialist. He is a true specialist who develops the software for multi-media experiences. He has an analytical mind, an eye for detail and he is a perfectionist. These competences contribute to the quality we deliver.
Experience guru
Kosmo is interaction designer, the founder of Fair2Media, hardware and cross media specialist. His undying dedication to understand (all) things is only surpassed by his will to change them for the better. He designs user-experiences, creates prototypes, gives lectures and builds installations. He bridges the gap between the digital and physical world, using all technology and techniques available.
Master planner
Margo is the organisational manager. She makes sure we all know our tasks and deadlines. She also manages the website, the communication and all office work.

Enthuse Mexicans to ride a bike

Mexico City is one of the busiest cities in the world and it has a major smog problem. One of the reasons is that tons of people drive cars. We wanted to use our Dutch cycling roots and stimulate more people to ride bicycles in Mexico City. We got an opportunity to design and build an installation where people could experience cycling without facing the dangers of the ‘real’ road.

First of all we investigated where you would ride a bicycle, at which sites or events. We filmed most of the content for the simulator on a motorcycle, to provide the viewer with a smooth, clear picture. Then we designed the software and hardware that would display the video of the route and the metadata, and would track the bicycle that people would ride.

We built the entire setup during several great nights at the museum, grabbing taco’s and keeping on working.

The end result was that the cyclist felt as if he was cycling through the city. The bicycle controlled the entire system, the bell was the select button and the pedals were used to navigate through the menu. An overlay on the video showed the cyclist his speed and the distance he had cycled.

This project was commissioned by the Franz Mayer Museum in Mexico City, for the exposition “La vuelta la bici”, the return of the bicycle, about the history and use of the bicycle. The installation was on display for three months.

Plastic into shape

FAIR2 Media designs and builds prototypes and products, so a 3D printer is a must. We could have just ordered one, but the real joy is in building one yourself. We decided to build and improve a open source 3D printer, the Ordbot Hadron.

3D printing has become a great and well known tool to create complex shapes and structures. It can be used for prototyping all the way to full (small scale) production.

Using plastic and pushing it through a small nozzle while melting it, the machine can create objects. The printing head of the printer slides over the horizontal and vertical axis. It takes a 3D model and then layer by layer it fills it using the melted plastic.

After hours of enjoying the painstaking process, the new colleague was conceived in the FAIR2 Media office. An awesome tool to help us create the best prototypes.

Politics interactive

The Dutch TV show “De Fractie” portrayed a new type of politics. One that uses modern technology to streamline work. The politicians meeting place was a nice room with a massive interactive screen.

We took care of the content of that screen. Twitter and news feeds were displayed along with the party logo. Showing big images and making Skype calls were all part of the functionality. We made a web app that was used in the mobile phones, so it looked like they had their own communications app and Twitter scanner. Designing all the animations for the screen and giving it the feel of a professional tool was what gave this project the final touch.

All information on the screen was easy to manipulate through our custom CMS. Even during the shoot, it was a breeze to update the content and make sure everything fit the scene.

De Fractie is a production of the VPRO, for Dutch Television.

Dream come true

Creating a musical instrument was always Kosmo’s dream. He took the opportunity to create a new design for a guitar when he was studying abroad at RMIT.

Esthetics and usability were the main goals for this new design. He created it with the power of CNC to bring the design from the digital to the material world, 3D software and hardware used in the best guitars on the consumer market. He spent hours learning how guitars work, why people choose for a certain design and how he could alter it without degrading the end result.

“This guitar was like creating a baby, great fun, a lot of hard work and such a pleasing end result.” This end result was a prototype as shown in the picture.

Translating Digital to Physical

Johan Lubbers developed a digital game he called Glasup. Johan happens to be Matthias father. For his birthday we created a special surprise gift: the physical version of Glasup.

For translating the digital version to a physical game, we thoroughly studied the app and the way the game is played. We found that it would need to be like a puzzle, where you can put pieces on the board. Because the app also shows the possible options in one view, we decided that this would also be needed for our version.

The puzzle board and pieces we made out of layers of wood. Using SolidWorks, we designed and created a 3D model of the puzzle. After finalizing the design we used a laser cutter to slice all the wooden pieces that were needed. For the puzzle setup cards, we created custom software to translate the digital puzzles into printable form. We put all the pieces together and after some paint, polish and drying, it was ready for wrapping.

It was a big surprise when he got the game and he absolutely loved it!

View full Glasup game on google play.

Inspire each other

Fair2Media designs interaction between people, products and services. Our focus is on user-experience. The user of a product or service should feel happy using it and we help create that feeling. The experiences we design are inviting, fresh, seducing and renewing. We use technology to create new means to reach out to people by appealing for their natural given curiosity and sense of wonder.

Fair2Media designs user-experiences. We develop concepts and make prototypes. We design cross media campaigns, work on technological innovation and build installations. And we give lectures.

Our key values are fairness, altruism and courageousness.

Our manner is informal. We rather drink a cup of coffee together than ‘have a meeting’. We prefer ‘a chat afterwards’ to ‘an evaluation’. We are of the digital generation, we use all media to communicate. At the same time we value personal contact.


Do you want to get insights into experience design and how to use it?

We give targeted lectures on interaction design and our experiences.

From €900,- including preperation, exl. BTW


Do you have a concept or an idea you want to develop? During a good old chat, together we find the possibilities and the solutions that you are seeking.

From €1.000,- excl. costs and BTW


Think that your idea should be brought to the next stage?

We create a simple representation of your concept, and test this in real world environments. This will add great advantages to your project and the speed at which you can iterate.

From €1.500,- excl. costs and BTW
We give10% of our time and/or profit to social innovation.

Get in Contact

06 – 520 156 99 (Kosmo)
Koninginneweg 91
1211AN Hilversum

See something you like? Is there something you need? Just call us.
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