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Who are we

Who are we

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Glasup puzzle [Physical] [prototyping]

Glasup puzzle

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Bike simulator [Design] [Research]

Bike simulator

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3D-printer [Research]


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De Fractie [Interactive] [TV prop]

De Fractie

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Guitar [Des] [Research]


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How we do it [Love] [Passion]

How we do it

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Contact [Coffee]


The Team

Hardware specialist
Interaction Designer
His undying dedication to understand (all) things is only surpassed by his will to change them for the better. Kosmo see, kosmo do, kosmo innovates the shit out of it. He will does our hardware magic designing both the user-experience and the building of the installation. Necessary technology or techniques he doesn’t already know he’ll learn within a rainmen schedule. In a world where the media landscape constantly changes you’ll need a jack of all trades. Somebody that can bridge the gap between the digital and physical using all technology and techniques available. When all else fails, Kosmo prevails. Kosmo is our cross media specialist.
Code king
He codes, he codes and he codes really really well. A true specialist that is of immense value to Fair2. Thanks to his experience with large complicated project it allows our projects to transcend hobbyist quality and become truly reliable and professional. This is what distinguishes an assignment to Fair2 from a student project. With fair2 we strive to get you a product and not just the prototype.
Communication specialist
UX Designer
Interaction designer, game enthusiast and our man of communication. He’ll ask the right questions, he’ll ask the hard questions to expose the true opportunity that might be hidden under an early assessment of a problem/opportunity. Sam is a entrepreneur and a designer first but a passionate user second. He’ll look after your underlying business interest during the project. He’ll take your organisations marketing strategy and and branding to heart so that he can guard your interests concerning the true underlying goals for the project. During the project he works as much for you as he does for us.

Our Collaboration

We’ve worked with each other for while and over time we learned that our skills complement each other nicel. We all are king of our specialisms but only between the three of us we can create the things that are beyond a prototype and make the exceptional impact that we aspire to achieve. We’ve been able to inspire each other and the people around us and thus created a lot of goodwill that we can cash in on by calling in their special abilities and support when we need it. Thus we can easily expand our project group when a project calls for it but the

Translating Digital to Physical

View full Glasup game on google play.

Getting Mexicans to ride a bike

Plastic into shape

Get in Contact

06 – 520 156 99 (Kosmo)
06 – 520 156 99 (Sam)
Koninginneweg 91
1211AN Hilversum

See something you like? Is there something you need? Just call us.
We’ll get you squared away.