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Who are we?

Who are we?

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Interactive installations in Terheijden [experience] [game] [interactive] [software meets hardware]

Interactive installations in Terheijden

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WIEK II, energy initiative Nijmegen

WIEK II, energy initiative Nijmegen

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Led curtain games

Led curtain games

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Audio prototype [audio] [blind] [prototyping]

Audio prototype

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SEE app [education] [sample survey]

SEE app

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Bike simulator

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FAIR2 Mapster [digital is physical] [images] [party]

FAIR2 Mapster

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Our services [coffee] [lectures] [pretotyping] [workshops]

Our services

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Contact [coffee]


The Team

FAIR2 Media Ltd. designs interaction between people, products and services. Our focus is on user-experience. The user of a product or service should feel happy using it and we help create that feeling. The experiences we design are inviting, fresh, seducing and renewing. We use technology to create new means to reach out to people by appealing to their natural given curiosity and sense of wonder.

FAIR2 Media designs user-experiences. We like to help our clients achieve the best, from concept to production. We design cross media campaigns, work on technological innovation and build installations. And we give lectures.

Our key values are fairness, altruism and courageousness.

Our manner is informal. We rather drink a cup of coffee together than ‘have a meeting’. We prefer ‘a chat afterwards’ to ‘an evaluation’. We are of the digital generation, we use all media to communicate. At the same time we value personal contact.

We give 10% of our time and/or profit to social innovation
Code king
Matthias is systems architect, software developer and code specialist. He is a true specialist who develops the software for multi-media experiences. He has an analytical mind, an eye for detail and he is a perfectionist. These competences contribute to the quality we deliver.

06 5234 8000

Experience guru
Kosmo is interaction designer, the founder of FAIR2 Media, hardware and cross media specialist. His undying dedication to understand (all) things is only surpassed by his will to change them for the better. He designs user-experiences, creates prototypes, gives lectures and builds installations. He bridges the gap between the digital and physical world, using all technology and techniques available.

06 5201 5699

Master planner
Margo is the business manager and business coach as well as the communications advisor. She is the generalist, who can do everything the others do not do. She takes care of the finances, the website, helps out in projects when deadlines approach etc. From another generation than the young Kosmo and Matthias, she brings along life experience.

06 1923 8306

Traais energy collective

The Traais Energy Collective (TEC) is an initiative by and for people in Terheijden. Their intention is to make Terheijden the first energy neutral village in Brabant. In order to achieve this, windmills, solar panels and geothermal energy will be used.

FAIR2 Media designed and built various interactive installations, to show people and let them experience wat the effects of the Traais’ initiatives are.

De interactive ‘puzzle table’

At several meetings of the Traais Energy Collective the table was used to explain the effects of renewable energy in Terheijden. If for example you place a wind mill on the puzzle, the screen above shows how much energy that generates, and how much less CO2 the village emits. The buildings, wind mills, solar panels etc. are 3D printed. The puzzle was cut and engraved by our laser cutter. The connection between puzzle pieces and the board is made by pogo connectors. These are connectors that bounce, so the pieces do not need to be at exactly the right spot, while they still make a fine connection. Under the board there is 18 meters of cable. Some 90 magnets click everything together easily. It contains 30 custom made pcb-boards, 16 arduino’s and a lot of love!

The video gives an impression of the making-process, the result, and how it is used in the (former) church in Terheijden.

The Viewbox

This is a mini panorama theater, an installation in which a film can be played, showing the future of Terheijden. Three screen are in a semi circle, so that your whole view is the film. It is made so that one person at the time watches the film.

The three videoclips underneath are also on our blog. They give an impression of what we do.

Arcade game

For the kick off of the “Year of Building” on March 29, 2019 we designed and built a classic arcade cabinet, with an very large screen. We also developed the game itself. The solar park De Bergen in Terheijden is now being developed, there will be some 32.000 solar panels.

The video clip can also be seen on our blog.

The soil energy installation

This installation shows how soil energy works. Red led lights show when warm water is being led from the hot water reservoir in the soil into houses, where it cools down to blue. This cool blue water is then kept in a second reservoir in the ground, and can be used for cooling if necessarey. ‘Players’ can change seasons or day and night to see the effects.

Commissioned by Izzy Projects

Wiek II and "Burgers Geven Energie"

Interactive energy table

In and around the city of Nijmegen people are working hard together to start project for renewable energy.

FAIR2 Media has designed an installation to show the effects of the initiatives.

The citizens’ initiative “Burgers Geven Energy” (“citizens give energy) has already built a wind farm, in cooperation with the WIEK II foundation, and will shortly also build a solar park. FAIR2 Media has made an interactive installation, projecting a map on – for example – a white table. The projects for renewable energy are also shown on this map. You can place ‘pucks’ on this table. With these ‘pucks’ you can play. For example by turning them, you can enlarge the amount of wind mills or solar panels. This information is being processed and on the supporting screen is shown how much energy is generated, how many houses can be provided with the energy they need etc.

Assignment of WIEK II

Led screen games

The goal: stimulate those with a visual and intellectual and/or physical restraint to move.

The means: a large black ‘curtain’ with led lights on it as big pixels shining brightly.

Our job: develop games that stimulate people to move their bodies playfully. So we developed Pong-like and Space invaders-like games for this led curtain.

Part of the assignment was to make the system user friendly enough, so students could develop new games without our help.

The result: users and their therapists have great fun playing games standing in front of this large black curtain with it’s colourful bright lights, using their arms and legs to achieve their goal.

Scientific research is being done, read more: Light Curtain

Commissioned by the Accessibility Foundation

Prototype for the visually impaired

FAIR2 Media developed a prototype that aims to give the visually impaired and blind people audio information. It is a case that can be placed anywhere. It can be used for multiple purposes. It can detect when someone walks underneath it and then play a sound.

This sound can tell the person walking where he is. But it can also be used at a ‘zoo’, where examples of animals are exibited. The person can feel what a lion looks like, and at the same time hear the roaring of a lion.

The aim originally was to test if the product would answer to the expectations like: play sound, control volume, adjustable reach sensor, stand alone, fitting in 60cm2 ceiling tile etc. Preliminary results show there is interest in the product. The prototype was developed with a standard Raspberry Pi.

Commissioned by Foundation Accessibility for use by Foundation Bartimeus


In a joint project of students, teachers and the business world we explore the relationship between virtuality, programmability, identity and society: Next Culture

FAIR2 Media has given lectures to the students, and with their input built an installation: the AlterEgo.

The robot in the AlterEgo installation asks you personal questions. As a result of your answers he determines your Alter Ego, your opposite. Nice to knwo! But that knowledge about you can also be used by the robot for very different purposes…

When the project is finished, we will publish the video here.

The video clips below are part of our blog; they show various aspects of how the installation was made.

Archetypes and their opposites

Programming the facial expression

Designing facial expressions

The physical installation


SEE in the Class

SEE in the class supports schools. One of their projects is the time sample survey. During 20 minutes the professional tests how long the child is focused on it’s task. Every 20 seconds the professional records what the child is doing: aimed at the task, watching, walking, disturbing, something else. If necessary, they add remarks. If the child is focused 70% of the time, that is acceptable. If it is less, a plan can be made to help the child focus better.

This could of course be recorded by pen and paper. But FAIR2 Media has developed an app to do this, so it is made easy for the professional to record the data they wish to know, and to generate results per pupil.

Commissioned by ZIEN in de Klas

Enthuse Mexicans to cycle

Mexico City is one of the busiest cities in the world and it has a major smog problem. One of the reasons is that tons of people drive cars. We wanted to use our Dutch cycling roots and stimulate more people to ride bicycles in Mexico City. We got an opportunity to design and build an installation where people could experience cycling without facing the dangers of the ‘real’ road.

First of all we investigated where you would ride a bicycle, at which sites or events. We filmed most of the content for the simulator on a motorcycle, to provide the viewer with a smooth, clear picture. Then we designed the software and hardware that would display the video of the route and the metadata, and would track the bicycle that people would ride.

We built the entire setup during several great nights at the museum, grabbing taco’s and keeping on working.

The end result was that the cyclist felt as if he was cycling through the city. The bicycle controlled the entire system, the bell was the select button and the pedals were used to navigate through the menu. An overlay on the video showed the cyclist his speed and the distance he had cycled.

This project was commissioned by the Franz Mayer Museum in Mexico City, for the exposition “La vuelta la bici”, the return of the bicycle, about the history and use of the bicycle. The installation was on display for three months.


Challenges like this seldom pass by. For the event “Lokaal Kabaal” we programmed an entire stand-alone projection mapping suite in Unity. This suite made use of genetic algorithms to align the digital with the physical object and could be controlled by an X-box wireless controller. This allowed us to have full control while being in the middle of the dance floor!

Commissioned by Lokaal Kabaal, Hilversum

Inspire each other



Do you have a problem? Let us help you solve it!

One of the methods we use to find a solution for your problem, is a hackathon. “Hackathon” is composed of the words “to hack”: using technology for purposes it was not originally meant for, and “marathon”: keep going. (We usually do not go on for more then 10 hours.)

The format we use is a building blox. That is a cube with one open side. These building blox have a digital and a fysical component. We have built in a screen and a raspberrie pi (no, that is not a cake, but a minicomputer). Using a standard format – the building blox – helps to start developing your ideas quicker.

After this day you can be sure to have found several creative solutions for your problem!

Prototype and end product

We specialise in the combination of software and hardware. Creating a tangible product, and at the same time being able to do and/or show many things in the digital components.

If required we make pretotypes and prototypes with wich you can test if your idea is ready for a next stage. We create a simple representation of your concept, and test if it works ‘in reality’.

We can further develop your prototype and make the end product.


Do you want to get insights into experience design and how to use it?

We give targeted lectures on interaction design and our experiences.
We give 10% of our time or profit to social innovation

Contact us

06 – 520 156 99 (Kosmo)
Poststraat 2A 1401EZ Bussum

See something you like? Is there something you need? Just call us! We’ll get you squared away!