Launch yourself into 2020

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Friends and Family Expo

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Matthias – WYD / Arcade game 2

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Jordi – WYD / AlterEgo 4

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Margo -WYD / planning

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Amber – WYD / computer tool

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Ben – WYD / AlterEgo 3

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So old…

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Margo – WYD / Mini theatre 3

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Kosmo – WYD / AlterEgo 2

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Kosmo – WYD / Mini theatre 2

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Kosmo – WYD / Touch interface 2

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Matthias – WYD / Touch interface 1

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Kosmo – WYD / Mini theatre 1

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Jordi – WYD / AlterEgo 1

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Ben – WYD / Arcade game 1

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Job offer

Hackathon report

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TEC pillar

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Bigger team

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Pick& Placer – it works!

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Terms and conditions


Hackathon May 26

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Groovidi app at The Flying Dutch

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