Bigger team

We were already busy, busy, busy…

And sometimes we already got help from Sam, Jordi or Annika.

But it was not enough.

So we started looking for more programmers. And we found them.

Timo was the first. He will come two days a week to start with. In time we will see if we expand that.

Then Morten came. He is still studying and he will do his internship next year. But until then he strengthens our team with two days a week.

We knew Vesa would come back in May, and we are very happy with it! It is as if he has never been away.

And when Kosmo met Dante, an A.I. student who is a friend of Vesa, we asked him as well to help us with our current project. It is a little uncertain how many days and for how long a time he will come, but time will tell.

And Matthias quit his job to work here full time from June!

We made more desks, bought some extra office chairs, got more monitors and some more necessities. So now all of us can work here:

Kosmo, Matthias, Timo, Vesa, Morten, Dante en Margo

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