We have become an Ltd., a private or limited liability company”.

We used to be three self empoyed persons, working together under the name FAIR2 Media. Now we have changed that, we have formalised our cooperation.

The reaction we usually get is: “o yes, that is because it is more advantageous once you have reached a certain turnover, isn’t it?”

I am sure that is correct, but it was not our considaration to become an Ltd.

Our consideration was that we want to make our ideals, vision and goals into a reality in the real world. And because we want to ‘carry’ the company together, it is a logical step to be a company together. We want to share the responsibility, so we like it that now we can actually replace each other, also officially and legally, as shareholders of our Ltd.

Again: we do not do it for the money. We do it because we think it represents reality best.

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