Launch yourself into 2020

[Better together!]
Better together!

Watch the video or read the text below for the story behind the game. And play the game at

If you have played the game, you know that you launch yourself in a rocket. You see Chinese wishing lanterns, birds, clouds. You start, dodge an hot air balloon. At the end of a trail in space you see a glowing sphere. You fly across it. Then the message of that player jumps into sight. In the right corner below you see that your tank has just filled up a littel. Thank you!

You fly to the next interaction; by collecting the messages of others you can fly higher and higher, endlessly high. The more people play the game, the further everyone can fly.

Your trail also becomes one of the many trails other players can follow, so that they can arrive at your message. But watch out; if you do not collect enough messages of the others, you do not get the good vibes to keep your rocket in the air. You will not get far.

On the way you meet up with all sorts, have you found them?

  • airplane
  • hot air balloon
  • satellite
  • International space station (ISS)

There are many more, if you have found one, please leave a message in your comment!

Ohh and of course, if you find a bug, have a good tip, a great idea for the game, or you just want to let us know you enjoyed it, please feel free to leave a response too!

You cannot win, you do not need to win. It is all about the experience: better together!

We wanted to convey our message: ‘better together!’ in our authentic way. And because we try to always do things we enjoy, we decided to create a game. How much fun is it to develop a game? And to please others with it!

We enjoyed creating this game, the art, game engine, music and of course the idea behind it. We hope you enjoy it too! Please forward it to all your friends, family and colleagues, because together we achieve more!

Have you not played the game yet? Launch yourself now!

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