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[the old days...]
We built quite a number of installations in the past years, aimed at giving information about renewable energy. So when I came across an article about a car from 1912, driving on solar energy, my interest was aroused.

The article was written in the early sixties, so the car was already old then. But is is great to read how de writer drew a lot of attention with this car when he drove on the Dam in Amsterdam, how the tram drivers immediately recognised how cool the car was. Or the explanation about the “cunning game that leads to the solar cell”. And the helmet with solar cells, “that provided enough energy for the sender/receiver, built in the helmet, with which commands in the field could be transmitted”.

The article originates from “Goede Ontvangst” 11th year, nr 3. A radio and television magazine.

(Sorry, only in Dutch)

“Van zonne-auto naar ruimteschip”

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